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1. Exhibit Space Request 

 - Size Booth : Each Booth 10X10 ft

 - Prices for each Booth: $ 1,300.00

 - Upon Signing : 50% of Booth Fee Due

 - Jan 25, 2018 : 100% of Booth Fee Due

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2. Show Services
The booth price includes pipe & drape backdrop, a 6ft undraped table, 4 plastic chairs as well as up to 1000 watts of electric and free wireless internet.
1) A 6ft table will be installed basically. If you do not need tables or want to switch to 8ft table, please contact North Atlanta Trade Center directly.  
2) North Atlanta Trade Center forms (Equipment Rental Form & Material Handling Order Form) will be sent after your registration or you can download from our website www.georgiabeautytrade.com
  * North Atlanta Trader Center  Tel: 770-279-9899 Fax 770-279-0019 email: info@natcshows.com

3. Payment Schedule:
1) Upon signing: 50% of Booth Fee Due
2) Feb 10, 2017: 100% of Booth Fee Due
* Make a check payable to "Georgia Atlanta Beauty Supply Association" (or G.A.B.S.A)
* There will be NO REFUNDS. 
* We only accept a check, cashier check or money order.

4. Assumption of Risks
While Georgia Beauty Trade may provide security service of the exhibit for the exhibit area, it is understood that all products, equipment, furniture, and furnishings if the exhibitor are placed at the sole risk of exhibitor, and Georgia Beauty Trade assumes no responsibility for any loss or damages to the exhibitor’s property.

5. Terms & Condition Agreement

※ 트레이드 쇼 참가 예외 조항
1. 본 트레이드 쇼는 조지아 애틀랜타 뷰티협회 (이하 협회) 임원회의 결의에 따라 도매상과 소매상을 겸하는 업체에 대하여는 참여에 제한을 둘 수 있다.
2. 본 쇼의 원활한 운영 및 진행을 위하여 같은 업종의 업체가 지나치게 많이 참여할 경우, 협회에서는 임의로 업체의 참가 여부를 제한할 수 있다

3. 계약된 금액은 일체 반환하지 않으며 모든 부스는 계약금 입금시 배정한다.

4. 본 협회는 참여 업체가 원하는 부스 위치를 사정에 따라 조정 및 변경할 수 있으며, 참여업체는 이에 협조하여야 한다.
5. 본 쇼에서는 참가 신청 업종 중 뷰티 스토어에서 취급이 부적절하다고 판단되는 품목은 참가를 제한할 수 있다.
6. 본 협회는 타 부스 운영에 방해가 되는 행위를 한 업체에게는 적당한 조정 및 기타 문제되는 모든 사항에 대하여 시정을 요구할 수 있으며, 이를 이행하지 않을 경우 퇴장을 요구할 수 있다.
7. 본 협회에서는 참가한 벤더들간의 분쟁의 소지가 있거나 쇼 운영에 막대한 지장을 초래할 가능성이 있는 업종 또는 업체에 대하여는 이미 계약이 완료되었다하여도 언제든지 임의로 계약을 해지할 수 있다

※ The Rights of Georgia Beauty Supply Association (GBSA)
1. Georgia Beauty Supply Association (“GBSA”) reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to limit/reject/deny the registration of vendors who conduct both wholesale and retail business in the same industrial field.
2. In order to manage and operate the Trade show efficiently, at the discretion of the board, GBSA may set a limit on the number of participating vendors from the same industrial field.

3. There will be no refunds, and the booth will be assigned at the time deposit has been completed.
4. In order to manage and operate the Trade show efficiently, GBSA may adjust or rearrange the location of booths distributed to participating corporation and the corporation should cooperate with GBSA.
5. GBSA reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to limit/reject/deny the registration of vendors who sells inappropriate or illegal beauty products.
6. In order to manage and operate the Trade show efficiently, GBSA shall decide acceptable sound levels and will take appropriate action to the vendors to reduce or remove that, which GBSA find objectionable. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by GBSA. GBSA show management reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to these rules as considered advisable for the proper conduct of the exhibit, with the provision that all exhibits will be advised of any such change.
7. In order to manage and operate the Trade show properly, GBSA shall revoke the contract with companies or industries, even if contracts are already signed, who cause dispute among participating vendors and constitute a serious encumbrance to show management

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